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Welcome to Signature Leather

Signature Leather gloves are hand-made in Britain, using the finest English leather by artisans employing the tools and skills from a bygone era, a time when fine styling and a perfect fit was quite simply de rigueur.

In the pages that follow, we are proud to showcase a selection of our work and take you on a tour of the fashion and sporting worlds of Signature Leather. On the way, you will meet our customers and retail partners who discuss why they have chosen Signature Gloves – if this is your first look at our glove collection we believe that you will be much more interested in what people are saying about us rather than what we are saying about ourselves. 

As our origins are firmly based in the Equestrian world – where both style and performance are paramount – our web site is dedicated to the equestrians of the world, together with an eye on the worlds of Motor and Field Sports, as well as some glove ideas for gentler pursuits like that quite early morning walk with the dog.

We have been very fortunate to build our web site around beautiful photography courtesy of the stunning images from the lens of Katie Cowell, Amanda Dantuma, Sven Evans, Joe Lawrence, Harriet Lightfoot, Jen Renth and Samantha Stevens who we sincerely thank. Our grateful thanks also goes to Mark Anderson of OAD Design who has brought everything together for our web site presentation, and to Suzanna Okie who designed our Retail Partner pages.

Signature Leather Gloves
Jennifer Chang Carmichael with Crème de la Crème