Signature Leather

The Signature Leather Rider's Gallery

We are delighted to present the Signature Glove Riders Gallery in recognition of our wonderful customers who have taken time out to email us their comments about their experience of riding with Signature Leather Gloves.

At Signature Leather we believe in keeping things real so the comments that accompany our customers pictures are taken directly from the unsolicited feedback that our customers have kindly sent us via email.


"Many thanks for your help and advise with my Signature Gloves, gloves are very comfortable and offer a very good level of grip when riding. With my lack of dexterity in my hands your advise regarding the extra reinforcement has been very beneficial, allowing me to have a more steady and true contact with my horse Sam - I am a very happy customer."

Julie Percival, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
  Jennifer Dietzel

"I got the gloves today. Thank you SO much! I LOVE the pop of emerald green around the cuff!! Hopefully this weekend will be warm enough to ride and I can get a picture or two of my new gloves in action!"

Jennifer Dietzel, Imlay City, Michigan
  Jennifer Dietzel

"Many thanks for the red silk liners for my new winter riding gloves. This was taken on Boxing day after a chilly hack. I'm still smiling because I have feeling in my fingers!"

Christina Grieve, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
Trustee and Volunteer Instructor

  Christina Grieve

"As I said on the phone, Signature Gloves are the best – lightweight yet incredibly durable. Mine have lasted for years (and I have a horse than can be very heavy in the bridle). I only sought out another pair to make sure I have a set to wear while the others are in the wash"

Gail Robinson Mead, Orinda, California

  Gail Robinson Mead

"The gloves were amazing as it rained and usually when rain is combined with sweat my reins get so slippery, I was able to keep hold of the reins all the way round the course. They really were out to the test with Kitch as he always sweats buckets as he gets so excited! Thank you for such a lovely pair of gloves which do their job amazingly!"

Katherine Stevens, Sussex, England

"My new gloves have already been well worn and broken in despite the dreadful weather! Love the new digital leather it just gives it that extra grip especially when it's raining! Looking forward to the season with my personalised colours, great to be individual!"

Annie Lloyd, Hope, Wales
  Annie Lloyd

"The gloves really are great and incredibly hard wearing and the opportunity to personalise the gloves into something completely unique from the wide range of colours is something I've not seen offered anywhere else."

Lottie Williams, Cheshire, England

  Lottie Williams

"Happy New year! Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how delighted Nancy and I are with our new gloves! The new Digital Leather you are using for the palms is so grippy - much improved over the last winter gloves. The cashmere lining is so warm - we've had two big snow storms in the last week and the temperatures are not supposed to be above freezing for the next several days, so I'm glad I've got the warmth!"

Kris Story NJ

  Kris Story

"Signature gloves give me a soft, secure feel, and I love the color and style options. They have held up far better than comparably priced gloves."

Stacey Kimmel-Smith PA

  Stacey Kimmel-Smith

"I found Signature Gloves to be exceptional in both comfort and fit - the fit and feel of the gloves allows me to keep my fingers closed snug on the reins providing a more steady true contact with horses mouth. Better connection = better performance!"

Susan Bebee SC

  Susan Bebee

"Love your gloves, and they are holding up well. I will be out competing again in 2 weeks and am excited to wear my new gloves xc!"

Tara Ziegler PA


"I had a great weekend, both horses placed in their classes on Sunday and I am now back in Scotland to enjoy the very pleasant surprise of my new gloves! They are truly stunning, and the leather feels great!"

Anette Ringnes Norway


"I received both the grey and the blue gloves and wore them through two days of ugly, cold weather at the Breeders' Cup. I want you to know how well they served me...both in terms of warmth and grip. The grey gloves, in particular, are the envy of everyone. Fashion statements aside, the gloves are equally comfortable and durable and allowed me to ride and interview with confidence through two cold weather days of world class horse racing."

Caton Bredar KY

  Caton Breder KY

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the gloves in the mail last night. They are spectacular! I took them to the farm and got lots of “oohs and ahhs” from the girls so I let a few people try them on. I have to tell you, I LOVE the gloves. Not only are they really comfortable and soft, but the wide array of color options makes them perfect for me. "

Lara Miller MD

Photo by Cerella Chandra

  Lara Miller

"I have been using my own pair of crochet gloves throughout the show season - I love them. They stay soft and supple and I love the fit, feel and look of them. And they appear to be holding up to the brutalities of the jumper ring."

Sarah Donnell MN

  Sarah Donnell
"Wanted to get you some feedback on the gloves - Great news - I'm impressed!! I saved them for a 3 day clinic I had this past weekend in Lexington KY (May 1 - 3). Rode dressage, steeple chase and XC - and no blisters!"

Kimberlee Murphy KY
  Kimberlee Murphy
"I have really enjoyed my Signature gloves!  It is wonderful to have gloves that fit so perfectly on my somewhat odd sized hands.  And the leather still feels so lovely, even after a number of washings.  I'm off to study the color charts! :) "

Nanette Lindermann CA
  Nanette Lindermann
"One of the things I would emphasize to eventers is how grippy your gloves are. That soft leather on rubber reins is just terrific... they don't slip, even if they get wet. And... they don't wear out like the cheap synthetic ones, either, so they're good for schooling as well as showing (even if they're a bit pricier to start... they last longer). The leather is also so supple and the fit is so good, you can still really feel the rein contact during dressage."

Sheri Trudeau MI
  Sheri Trudeau