Signature Leather

The Gloves


Developed in partnership with our customers and partners, SignatureSport styling has performed in the very top flight of world equestrian competitions, as well as proving a winner for everyday schooling.

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Our crochet-back styling harks back to the 1920s, when it was originally designed for the world of motor sports.

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Walking The Dog

Our Signature equestrian glove styles (featured on their own pages) have been increasingly favoured by our non-equestrian customers. They may not ride, but they do find themselves out and about in chilly conditions where a pair of individual, custom-made gloves may provide the perfect accessory – especially as we can coordinate colours to match those favourite winter jackets!

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This all-leather glove styling crosses all equestrian disciplines, and provides a wealth of options when combining leather colours. To illustrate the opportunities to create that unique pair of gloves, we present a glove design inspired during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

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Shooting Gloves

The beauty of working with fine English leather is that it can be fashioned into gloves wherever close contact is required – and the sport of shooting is no exception. Available in all our leather colours, we offer standard styling options that can all be adapted to individual customer specification – such as glove  length, and where it finishes at the wrist.

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Our winter glove styling is a favourite with the Signature Design Team because our customers regularly send rave reviews on the wonderful fit and comfort provided by the triple elasticated back. This works in tandem with the lining of the glove to provide robust and cozy protection against the worst of weather conditions. For that added touch of luxury, it is possible to specify a cashmere lining.

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Carriage Driving Gloves

Our carriage drivers are fans of both the SignatureSport (illustrated here in Old Gold leather and brown knit back), and our SummerGlove styling. Both can be specified with additional reinforcement to work well with all driving sports.

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Motor Sports

Whether your prefer two or four wheels, we're confident that our Motor Sports Collection will give you the perfect fashion statement for you and your machine, along with bags of style and performance!

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