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Fashion Styling

Signature Leather gloves are designed in Wales and hand-made in England, and therefore, are authentically British through and through. We are proud to work with only the finest British leather selected by artisans who employ the tools and skills from a bygone era to fashion our gloves with fine styling and a perfect fit.

On the pages that follow, we are delighted to showcase a selection of our work and take you on a tour of the sporting and fashion worlds of Signature Leather. Along the way, you will meet some of our customers and retail partners who discuss why they have chosen Signature Gloves – this is because if this is your first look at our glove collection we believe that you will be much more interested in what people have to say about us rather than what we have to say about ourselves.

As our origins are firmly based in the Equestrian arena – where both style and performance are paramount – our website is largely dedicated to the equestrians of the world. That said, we also have our eye on the worlds of Motor & Field Sports (including some glove ideas for gentler pursuits like that quiet early morning walk with the dog). Finally, our Cabretta Collection of fashion gloves is named in honour of the Ethiopian hairsheep that is responsible for our beautifully soft leather which is particularly well-suited for making the finest gloves.