Features of Pittards World Class Leather.

Water Resistant

The WR100X tanning process has been specially engineered to offer improved water repellency properties, which keep the hands protected at all times.

The water resistant process enhances the insulation characteristics of the leather, guaranteeing that the hands remain warm in cold weather conditions and cool in warm weather conditions, thus preserving sensitivity and dexterity whatever the activity.

Conversely these permanent structural properties allow the leather to breathe by letting the moisture pass through the fibre structure, thus keeping the hand cool and comfortable even during extremely hot sports.

Enhanced Grip

Pittards’ unique water resistant technology limits water uptake into the fibre structure thus guaranteeing excellent grip and tactile sensitivity, even under the most adverse conditions. This allows for optimum grip to be applied and maximum control to be exerted ride after ride.

Excellent Fit

Pittards WR100X leather offers sports enthusiasts around the world exceptional softness of touch, a closer and more natural fit and unique flexibility for ultimate comfort.

Sweat Resistant

Pittards WR100XD leather has been specially developed to offer an improved resistance to perspiration compared to ordinary leathers.

While the fibre structure of regular leathers would normally break down and deteriorate after exposure to the acid contained in human perspiration, thus becoming hard and brittle, Pittards WR100XD leather will retain its softness, feel and sensitivity appreciably longer than ordinary leather.

Lasting Benefits

The tanning process guarantees that all the WR100X properties are permanently bonded to the leather structure thereby ensuring high performance benefits throughout the gloves’ life.